Plateform has 2 eye trackers used in very different contexts.

The TOBII 1750
This eye tracking allows the recording of the eye path of a subject looking at a screen. It consists of a screen with integrated infra red camera coupled to a computer. It is marketed by the company Tobii

The technique used is that of the corneal reflection. This method is based on the fact that gaze direction can be determined from the relative position of the center of the pupil relative to the corneal reflection induced by infra red light source on the cornea.

This device is minimally invasive to use, since the subject is not wearing anything and can move his head. On the other hand, the calibration phase is very short. It is also very accurate (+ - 0.5 °).

Its use is particularly dedicated to the analysis of websites and the ergonomic study software. It is also used in research projects, for example on the recognition of facial expressions.

The Mobile Eye
Set composed of eye tracking glasses coupled with a modified mini digital recorder and energy-independent, can be worn at the waist, allowing the recording of the eye path of a subject in mobility. This device is sold by ASL

The eyeglasses frame is equipped with two mini cameras, one filming the scene viewed by the subject, and the other equipped with infrared sources, filming the subject's eye through a semi-reflective glass. The technique used is that of the corneal reflection.

The recorder connected to the glasses interleaves images from two cameras. The resulting video stream is then transferred to a PC, where it is analyzed by appropriate software, Eye Vision, which separates the images, analyzes and creates a video of the scene with inlay of a cursor showing the position of the eye at any time.

This device is a little more invasive than the Tobii, but its use in mobility offers many experiments indoors or outdoors.