Appartement Domus

What is DOMUS?
DOMUS is a realistic fully functional 40 square meters flat, including a kitchen dining area, a bedroom, an office and a bathroom. This flat is equipped with sensors and actuators, from different technical protocols such as:

  • KNX for home automation control (European home automation standard)
  • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)
  • UPnP (Universal Plug aNd Play) to control the multimedia broadcasting (TV, musis and radio
  • DMX (Digital MultipleX ) for the managment of  dynamic light
  • X2d (DeltaDore protocol) for opening/closing door and window detection

DOMUS is a professional tool, available for the LIG researchers and their partners.

What are the objectives ?
Designed to be scalable and open in order to implement other protocols, the platform has several objectives:
• Gather in the same space several resources, standards, protocols to innovate in a realistic context and complex environmental system,
• Validate concepts, evaluate models and prototypes, perform demonstrators,
• Provide means to collect data coming from different kinds of experimentations,
• Develop and professionalize the research partnership, in favor of socio-economic actors (companies, industry, local authorities) in the field of home automation,
• Promote  in terms of technologies and research, with a "market"  vision and scientific excellence for more attractiveness.

What topics ?
The platform allows including work on the following topics :
• ICT in building
• Energy
• Safety / Health
• Quality of life
What kinds of experimentations ?
Using this platform, experimentations can be designed to test and evaluate new systems with users. Multimodal corpora are provided during these experimentations in order to be analyzed.
Here are some examples of possible studies
  • the concept of comfort - ease of use (Energy saving, time saving, centralized controls, etc.)
  • sensory comfort (well-being of the body, quality of light, air, sound , suitable atmosphere)
  • emotional comfort (safety of people and property, health, etc.)
  • socio-affective relationship with robot companion
  • ...