Description de la plateforme

 DOMUS platform  is a space of 200 square meters which includes a huge experimentation room, an observation and control room, a small room for single user experimentations, and a smart apartment, DOMUS.
According to the different projects, experimentations are conducted with users interacting with different devices or innovative systems (existing or under development).  These users play defined scenarii, and  their activity traces are recorded (video, audio, home automation traces, screen activities ...). Multimodal corpora are annotated and analyzed for evaluation, validation, and research.

The experimentation room, equipped with cameras and microphones hanged on ceiling structures, is a space dedicated to instrumented meetings, such as of participatory design, focus groups, or brainstorming sessions. It can also be used to simulate environments (classroom, museum ....).


A smart apartment DOMUS , 40 m2, was built on the plateau. It is intended to be a place for experimentations, demonstrators, bench testing of new interaction techniques in the field of intelligent building, like a Living Lab.

DOMUS is fully functional and equipped with sensors, such as  energy and water consumption, level of hygrometry, temperature, and effectors able to control lighting, shutters, multimedia diffusion, distributed in the kitchen, the bedroom, the office and the bathroom. An observation instrumentation, with cameras, microphones and activity tracking systems, allows  to control and supervise experimentations from a control room connected to DOMUS. According to the different research projects, experimentations are conducted with users performing scenarios of daily housework and leisure.

The small room is dedicated to simple experimentations with a single user,   for example eye tracking sessions.


The controm room has two-way mirrors for observation of users interacting with devices in the experimentation rooms. All the audio and video streams coming  from the experimentation areas are gathered in electronic modules, allowing audio and  video live mixing and redirection  towards monitors and recorders. The control room is also equipped with PC able to control network DOMUS cameras, to record separate audio channels, to perform remote control of elements (home automation effectors for example), and robots companions moving in the apartment.


The platform evolves according to various research projects including some experimentation sessions.